Kentucky Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Dear KyRID Members:

The Bylaw Committee was charged with the task of reviewing the current bylaw and constitution for the following:

  1.   General housekeeping
  2. Implement a policy of checks and balances, i.e. multiple signers on financial accounts
  3. Break up the terms of officers in order to preserve knowledge and experience of elected officials
  4. Specify timeframes and frequency of meetings
  5. Officers’ reporting and accountability to the general membership and to the board, for officers
  6. Implement a policy of checks and balances for accounting
  7. Clarify role and voting privileges of board members, i.e. ex-officio members

After reviewing the current KyRID Bylaws and Constitution, the appointed Bylaw committee is submitting for your review and vote the result of these efforts: KYRIDbylaws_proposal_2015 (attached).  For the membership’s convenience, a second file is attached: KYRIDbylaws_proposal_w_Rationale.  The latter is intended to be a tool to help identify and understand the proposed changes.


The Bylaw and Constitution Committee

Proposed bylaws download

Rationale download